David Foley | Attorney

Attorney David W. Foley has been specializing in estate planning since 1990. His years of experience practicing various types of law in Indiana and California led him to concentrate in this one area, which he finds fulfilling because he’s helping families protect their inheritance for their loved ones. He says: “There is great satisfaction in giving clients the straightforward living trusts that they want!” A true Hoosier, Dave attended both Notre Dame and Marian University, and received his law degree from Indiana University.

Dave’s roots are in Ireland. His grand parents emigrated from there to escape poverty. For the next many decades, the Foleys made Indiana home (some still do), becoming part of the fabric of this country. In 1980, Dave, Nancy, and their four young children completed the ancestral journey by moving to California. They have settled in San Diego: Erin (attorney), Sheila (para-legal), and Tim (legal assistant, marketing) all working with Dave in his law practice; Nancy, a poet ,and their other daughter, Katie, a special needs teacher. The family has grown seven grandchildren.