Additional Estate Planning Services

Don’t need a full trust? Just need to make a change? The Law Office of David W. Foley offers comprehensive estate planning services. As your San Diego attorney that specializes in these matters, you can bring your estate planning questions to us and we will sit down with you to discuss your unique situation. The result will be a customized plan that may include a living trust and other services, including:

  • Amendments
  • Restatements
  • Assistance in transferring assets to your current living trust.

We can also provide documents you may be missing or want updating, such as Powers of Attorney, Pour Over Wills, and special assignments for your business.

When you work with our attorneys you can be assured that we will review all aspects of your estate to provide you with the best estate plan that will protect your assets and distribute them in the manner that you request. Straightforward, uncomplicated living trusts can be handled by phone, mail, and e-mail. Contact us now for estate planning details.