Our fees are low because we don’t require a lot of your time. We can communicate with you via phone calls and emails and are efficient with your time. We don’t insist on unnecessary meetings. You only have to visit our office once, when you come in to sign; at which time you will receive a full consultation explaining all the details.

Single Living Trust Estate Plan$895
Married (Joint) Living Trust Estate Plan$995
Deeds to Transfer CA Property, with a new trust signing$195 per property

Other services

Transfer Deeds (not part of a trust signing)$350 per property
In Office Consultation (per/hour)$350/hr
Amendments and RestatementsCall for pricing
Special Needs Trust (addition)$350
LLC Assignment$350
Power of Attorney (separate from full estate plan)$350
Extra Printed/PDF re-copy of trust (After signing)$50
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