Why are attorney fees for trusts “all over the place?”

If you have shopped for a trust attorney fee, you are aware of the wide range in fees. From fees under $1,000 to several thousand dollars and more. It shows the kindness of attorneys – they’ll let you pay what you want!

We are often asked:  “Why are your fees so low?” We respond by asking if their trust will be complicated. Most say “no.” And they are correct. Most trusts are straight forward and not complicated (unless the person is wealthy or has extremely detailed family/personal issues).

The primary purpose of a trust is to avoid probate at death, and it is not difficult for an estate planning lawyer to accomplish that.

Attorneys like us who write trusts are called estate planners (also called “wills, trusts, and estates”). We have written over 6000 living trusts for San Diego clients in the past 25 years from our Mission Valley office. No driving to downtown. Parking is free and easy.

Efficiency is one reason our fees are low. We have found that few clients need to make more than one trip to our office, and they are pleased with that. We get most of the information before the client comes in. The office visit and trust signing takes about an hour. The client leaves with the signed trust and related documents such as the will and powers of attorney. We keep a pdf computer copy that can be e-mailed to the client.

Some estate planning attorneys charge by the hour. We charge a flat fee because most clients want to know the cost up front, rather than being surprised by the final bill.  Our fees are posted on our webpage. We are happy to accommodate you.

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