The Importance of a Family Meeting After Estate Planning

Many parents create their estate plan, but never speak to their family members about it afterward.

While it’s important to create an estate plan, it’s equally important that parents discuss the details of their legal will in San Diego with their adult children. Doing so could ensure that children do not object to the will’s contents during probate, but will also eliminate surprises and resentment when it comes time to administer the estate.

A family meeting is ideal after the estate planning is finished. An estate planning attorney or financial advisor can be there too to answer any technical questions. They can also explain to loved ones how the estate will work, reasons behind the decisions, and other issues. Also, having an attorney and advisor there will introduce adult children to the individuals that they will deal with upon a parent’s death when they probate a will in San Diego.

The Proper Method for Setting Up a Family Meeting

First, it is best if parents select a date and time that works for all family members, that way no one is missing important dates to go to the meeting. The room that hosts the conference should encourage discussion. It can be somewhere familiar, like the parents’ living room or at a public place. However, the room must accommodate everyone, and give professionals area to work.

Meetings to discuss a legal will in San Diego are best for adults only. Therefore, parents can set up childcare arrangements for any children.

Also, having strict beginning and end times will ensure that those with the kids know what times to set up childcare, but also that everyone understands it is an official meeting and not a conversation.

Create a List of Topics

Before the meeting, parents should go over a list of topics with their professional. These subjects may include how to probate a will in San Diego, and what steps loved ones must take, where to find the will, who will be the executor, and so on.

There may be sensitive issues that must be discussed in the meeting. For example, there may be a second marriage or blended family. Therefore, any animosity between different sets of siblings should be addressed while discussing the legal will in San Diego. This may prevent any will contests later.

If there is a child that is not financially responsible, and they will not receive their inheritance immediately, that child should be notified of that decision and the reasons behind it. Also, if a trust was created, then the family will not need to probate the will in San Diego, but they will need to know what’s involved in trust administration.

Giving adult children an idea of the inheritance size they will receive can also help. Any costs that will come from the estate should be discussed so that adult children know what may come out of their inheritance, too.


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