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Most people find it difficult to discuss their own death, but we know it’s inevitable. Estate planning compels you to face both the financial and emotional consequences of your death and to take actions in order to minimize the effects it will have on your family and other loved ones.

Most people hope to gain the following from estate planning:

  • Distributing their estate according to their wishes
  • Avoiding excessive lawyer’s fees, court costs, and delays in the distribution of their estate
  • Minimizing the payment of state and federal taxes

There are a variety of estate planning options, each of which have their own positives and negatives. And, you’re going to have questions about each one and which option is the best for your particular situation.

If you’re considering establishing a living trust, one way to get information about living trusts is by attending a living trust seminar. These seminars usually touch on a variety of topics including:

  • The difference between a living trust and a will
  • Avoiding probate and minimizing estate taxes
  • The importance of a living trust if you’re a homeowner
  • Minor children and special needs dependents
  • Planning in case of incapacity
  • Protecting your assets as well as those of your family

Many people are skeptical about the information that they get at a living trust seminar. While most of the presenters are honest, it’s can be worrisome trying to determine the truths from the “lies”.

General seminars

Attending seminars about living trusts can be a good option for individuals who are looking for solid, reliable information. During the seminar, you’ll learn about state and federal tax laws in relation to estate planning and how they apply to your personal situation. They’ll also discuss the pros and cons of other options so that you’re better informed when it comes to selecting the option that best for you and your family.

However, in many areas of the U.S., selling living trusts has become a big business with salesmen promoting the benefits of their product as a part of their sales pitch. The accuracy of the information could be questionable as they may not be licensed estate planning attorneys.

Specific answers

Seminars about living trusts may not be the place to get the most balanced and trustworthy information about living trusts and other estate planning options. If you want answers to any and all questions concerning living trusts and other estate planning options, The Law Office of David W. Foley, located in San Diego, specializes in creating comprehensive and high-quality living trusts with all the necessary legal documentation.

As an experienced attorney for living trusts, our attorneys will take the time to listen and respond to all of your questions with answers that are specific to your situation. As a family owned and operated firm, we understand the issues that are facing our clients and their families.

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